zombie survival log, day 120

33 days since the last entry. I’ve been busy. Between the survivors that we picked up and back at camp, I’ve had no time to record, and the fact that I dropped my little hand-held recorder while running away with the survivors we found would also contribute to the fact that I couldn’t write. Any ways, let’s talk about what happened on the rescue.

30 Days Ago

Hey, I’m back, we found the Wal-Mart and are approaching it slowly. I see movement inside, I’ll check it out through the binoculars… Well, it’s a survivor, he’s at the front sitting down with his gun. there are people in the back it looks like, walking around with scavenged stuff. We’ll approach with our guns down and hands to our sides, not wanting to raise an alarm. I’ll write back once I find out their situation…Alright, well, they are the people we talked to. They’ve been here camping out for a few weeks. Most of the supplies were gone though so they had to go out and scavenge whatever they could find. Well, they have everything gathered and packed now, guess we’ll be heading out. Alright, well, it’s been 37 minutes since we left and we ran into our first bunch of Infected. There are 4 in their little group, not worthy of wasting bullets on. Guess we’ll wait, no, we can’t there are more coming from behind, and now to the sides, we’ve been flanked and cut off from our escape. We have to hide, now, I’ll record more if and when we find shelter, or some sort of a safe house.


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