zombie survival log, The End

(from the background, person 1)… work? (with the recorder, person 2) It looks like it’s working. The red light up on the top is lit up. (1) Well that’s a start. I’m guessing it’s probably recording. Can you get it to replay the audio? (2) Umm… Let me see… Yeah, this looks like it’s it. Here, it looks like I can plug it into your tablet. (1) Alright. Lemme pull it out. (2) Alright. (1) Okay, got it. Here, plug it in. (2) K. (1) Alright, here’s the sound file. Let me try pulling it up. (2) Man, can’t wait to see what’s on here. (1) Neither can I. Ready? (2) Yeah. Play it. (1) Alright. 3… 2… 1… *click* “Hey! Marcus here. The first break out was reported today on the news…”


The end?

Hey all! Jose here, as y’all know, for those actually following along, I haven’t posted in quite some time. Over two months actually. I’m truly sorry about it, but I have a lot going on with school and Marching band so I haven’t been able to write anything in quite sometime. Sorry about it again. Anyways, well, again, it’s been over two months. Should I continue, I’ll have a lot to catch up on. I’m sure it’ll be worth it, but it’s a lot of work to an already busy schedule. However, should I choose to end it, well, it’s almost been two years. I’ve done a lot with it. Be weird to know I don’t have to worry about anything but maybe going back and improving old posts. So, not wanting to make the decision on my own, I figured I’ll let y’all, the readers, decide on the fate of the logs. Do you want to end it? Or do you want me to try and continue on?

zombie survival log, day 526

Hey! So, again, I haven’t been recording much. And I probably won’t until I actually manage to reach Texas. You run into more infected when you’re on the move, see more, but it’s the same thing. A few infected here, hide, escape, continue, repeat. Hate to bore y’all with the same story day after day. Anyhow, John and I are still traveling, surviving, avoiding death, etc… Same old. Anyhow, I’m not sure how much longer we have to go. I checked a map a few days back and we have probably a few more weeks worth of traveling before getting to Texas, then after that, we have to find out where in Texas we want to go. That’ll take a while. As soon as we find somewhere in Texas though, we’re going to get some supplies, and spend the next week just resting. After that, we’ll go around some more, look for survivors, supplies, the usual. Anyways, I’ll write back next week, try and make this a weekly thing until we settle down. So, ’till next week, later.

zombie survival log, day 513

Hello? Hello??? Hey! I think I found a pair that work! … Yeah. The light’s on. Here. Catch! … Hello? ha! Finally! It’s about time. It’s been a while hasn’t it guys or gals or, whoever’s listening to this. Sorry. Had no batteries and the recorder here dies on me without warning. Anyways, now that I’m back on, lemme brief you on what happened and what the situation is at the moment. I’m about h alf way to Texas, well,  I think. I still need to find a good map. Can you believe it? 71 days and I still haven’t found a map. Anyways, I’ve been traveling down the highway, well, highways that’re supposed to take me to Texas. Not sure what state I’m in though. I kept forgetting to check the signs… Umm… I had to change directions a few times, well, not really the direction, just, find a different route due to infected blocking the path or large amounts or cars. Why avoid the cars? Oh, because I didn’t want to have to deal with any of the infected that might be trapped in their cars. Let’s see… Oh! Supplies! I have a few water bottles, 7 or so last I counted, a few food bars, canned foods, and 2 firearms with their ammo. Also met up with this guy over here, John I think his name was. Been a lot of help and good at getting supplies. Was kind of hesitant at first, having had been  alone the whole time,  but I managed to get him to come with me. Feel kinda bad for him. Must’ve been lonely. I’m sure loneliness was the least of his worries though. He doesn’t seem to regret it either (yells behind him), You don’t regret this right? (turns back to recorder) Haha, yeah, he’s fine. Be easier to sleep now, taking shifts, knowing that someone’s keeping us protected. What else. I found this hiking bag here too! Carries a great deal more than my other bag, but, I’m probably never going to fill it up. To much weight to be carrying around. Anyways, back to John. He carries around a crossbow, a bow, and of course, some arrows. It’s quieter, and the arrows can be reusable, and they’d be my weapons of choice too, but, well, I have no idea how to use them. He said he’d teach me, so, I’ll wait ’till then. Should help a lot. What else should y’all know. We met some new people, other survivors. Most were friendly. Took us in, we talked a bit, traded supplies, then we left. A few others were not so friendly though. They either threatened us, tried to kill us, or just went mad. Thankfully we didn’t run into to many of those. Anyways, I think that’s all for today. We’re about to go look for a place to sleep, so, I’ll record again tomorrow hopefully! Later!

zombie survival log, day 442

OK, well, I found a map. By the looks of it, I’m in… Manassas? Never heard of it, but, well, It’s on the map. Anyways, With the map, looks like I should head over to Highway 81? Should take me down to Virginia. Well, that’s all it shows on the map, cut’s off there not to long after it reaches Virginia. I’m going to have to find a larger map, hopefully one with the highways. I’ll use that, assuming I find one, to lead me to where I’m going. Of course though, with technology, more people use GPSs so finding a map is going to be hard. Plus, if I find a map, I’m going to have to make sure it’s up to date. Don’t wanna start following an outdated map. So, might as well start looking for that. So, once again, later.

zombie survival log, day 441

Hey! So, uh, yeah, flipped a coin. Looks like I’m off to Texas. Again, definitely wasn’t the best way to decide, but, I couldn’t really pick. But, hey, I’m not going to have to deal with the cold. Hm, makes another reason to not go up north. The farther up, the more clothing I’d need, the more clothing I have on, the easier I am to get a hold of. Plus, running would be hell because I’d be under the heat of the clothes, causing me to sweat more. Anyways, I’m going to have to find myself a map. I have no idea where I am right now, still somewhere around Maryland or Virginia is all I know. So, then, I’ll go ahead and scavenge then. Later.

zombie survival log, day 440

Alright, so, my options. Moving North. That would provide the temperature to be able to freeze the infected, not allowing them reach me until spring when the spring everything starts to thaw out. Of course though, I’m sure a lot of other people have had the same idea so there would be a lack of resources for me. Also, if it could freeze them, it would be able to freeze me to so I would have to provide myself with the clothes to keep myself which means more scavenging, maybe even buying from others. On the other hand though, moving back down to Texas would get rid of the need to look for more clothing for the cold, however, it’s farther to travel. I’d have to pass through, assuming I remember correctly from the news and school, Tornado Ally which will prove a challenge. I don’t remember the seasons for tornadoes though, and, well, I hope this isn’t it. There are also less people in that area and that means there will be less infected. With less infected, there’s less of a chance of encountering them, of course though, there are still those big cities between here and Texas that I’m going to have to pass through to get to Texas. Also, with all the walking, I’m going to need new shoes, no matter where I go. The ones I have now are already getting old and torn. Also, I’d still need new clothes. I have jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a hoodie. It’s good for now, but these are going to get old, torn, and messed up. The jeans and long sleeves, well, nothing I have on right now is good for the hot weather there. Umm… I’ll decide tomorrow. I’ll flip a coin. Not the best way to do it, but, well, I really don’t know where to go. Anyways, gotta go right now, more scavenging to do.

zombie survival log, day 439

Ok, well, still no new weapon. I did have to go up against a few of the infected though. There weren’t that many, only like, 3, maybe 5. I didn’t shoot them so I had to get a pretty close to them so cut off the head. I didn’t burn the heads though, didn’t want to start a fire at the risk of attracting more, so, there’s a few live heads lying around somewhere. Anyways, that’s about the most interesting thing that has happened. Still no new food or water. It looks like all these houses have been scavenged. Some of them looked, well, sounded like the previous owners had locked up their relatives that had been bitten and ran. I tried to get in and out of those houses as fast as I could, but, eh, sometimes it took a while. Oh! My bad, I didn’t say it and if y’all couldn’t tell, I made it out of the city. There’s not much here. Nothing like what I saw back in Texas earlier when heading to the shore. You know? I might head back over to Texas. Either that, or head north. I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow’s post, but, Imma head off to sleep right now, it’s late and I’m tired from the scavenging. Night.

zombie survival log, day 438

Hey! Alright, so, I managed to get out of the city. Not, like, far far out, just, out. Like, that in between zone… Umm.. Sorry for not recording this morning. Didn’t want to waste any daylight recording. I know it’s only one or two minutes. Maybe three on a long one, but still. Anyways, as for the hotel, I managed to find some canned food, but, that’s it. I still need to find water, only had one one me when I left, and, well, finished that today. So, I need water, ammo, a weapon, and, a silencer. Don’t want to shoot and attract every other infected in the area. Screw myself over like that. I’ll have to stick to the machete I have. I’ve had this since around the start of the infestation, so, gotta find a new one. Have no idea how it could still be intact. I haven’t done any maintenance with it, maybe just sharpening the blade, but, that’s all. Anyways, I should probably look for somewhere to sleep. It’s getting late. Night.