zombie survival log, The End

(from the background, person 1)… work? (with the recorder, person 2) It looks like it’s working. The red light up on the top is lit up. (1) Well that’s a start. I’m guessing it’s probably recording. Can you get it to replay the audio? (2) Umm… Let me see… Yeah, this looks like it’s it. Here, it looks like I can plug it into your tablet. (1) Alright. Lemme pull it out. (2) Alright. (1) Okay, got it. Here, plug it in. (2) K. (1) Alright, here’s the sound file. Let me try pulling it up. (2) Man, can’t wait to see what’s on here. (1) Neither can I. Ready? (2) Yeah. Play it. (1) Alright. 3… 2… 1… *click* “Hey! Marcus here. The first break out was reported today on the news…”


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