zombie survival log, day 526

Hey! So, again, I haven’t been recording much. And I probably won’t until I actually manage to reach Texas. You run into more infected when you’re on the move, see more, but it’s the same thing. A few infected here, hide, escape, continue, repeat. Hate to bore y’all with the same story day after day. Anyhow, John and I are still traveling, surviving, avoiding death, etc… Same old. Anyhow, I’m not sure how much longer we have to go. I checked a map a few days back and we have probably a few more weeks worth of traveling before getting to Texas, then after that, we have to find out where in Texas we want to go. That’ll take a while. As soon as we find somewhere in Texas though, we’re going to get some supplies, and spend the next week just resting. After that, we’ll go around some more, look for survivors, supplies, the usual. Anyways, I’ll write back next week, try and make this a weekly thing until we settle down. So, ’till next week, later.


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