In the year 2023, a failed test in a top-secret government lab was put aside in a barrel marked with a radio-active symbol. A truck made to look like a bank truck so it wouldn’t raise suspicion came to dispose of them but was robbed in a nearby city by a well-known and feared gang. The gang members shot out the tires, killed the drivers, and quickly went to killing the soldiers in the back. They were surprised when they only found a few barrels, one marked with radio-active symbol, the others left unmarked. They  leader of the gang came by, and thinking it was just a way of hiding the cash, quickly obtained a crowbar and tried to open the barrel marked radio-active. When it didn’t open, he took a gun from a soldier, and shot at the top a few times. The gang leader, seeing the barrel barely dented, took another gun and emptied the clip into the side, aiming for the same spot. This time, the bullets punctured the barrel, releasing a virus in the form of a little bug, crawled out. Seeing the bug, the gang leader squashed it, but that caused the bug to release a toxic gas that, when breathed in, will start slowly infecting you, causing you to become mutated, grow extra limbs, grow a deadly substance on your skin that infects you to if it enters the blood stream, and crave human flesh. The gang leader went back with the others to their hide out. At about 3:00 AM, the gang leader woke up, and started coughing up blood, and loosing control of his body. 10 minutes later, he lost full control and started heading for his gang members who were sleeping in a different room. He entered the room, and turned towards the closest gang member. He managed to scratch that one before he woke up and emptied a clip into the gang leader. The cycle repeated its self though and soon, the whole gang came out of their hide out and started infecting people on the street. The virus quickly spread through the city and infected all but a few. The few ran to the airport, but while running, one tripped over a dead one and cut him self. The virus entered his blood, and while he was on the plane, started feeling different. They managed to get to a different city and the guy got infected there, and started the cycle over again with someone getting infected and a few getting away. The virus quickly spread across the continent wiping out towns in less than a week. Survivors from each city started protecting them selves, barricading themselves inside their houses, stores, and other facilities. The virus missed them and hitched a ride on others flying to other continents in an attempt to escape America, which was quickly falling under the virus. Government agencies immediately started looking for a anti-virus and looking for armies to fight off the hordes of infected.  Some people will make it through, others won’t.  Some have even kept logs of what is happening as they try to survive,  like this man,  who we’ll be following,  in his quest for survival,  in a world of death.


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