zombie survival log, day 439

Ok, well, still no new weapon. I did have to go up against a few of the infected though. There weren’t that many, only like, 3, maybe 5. I didn’t shoot them so I had to get a pretty close to them so cut off the head. I didn’t burn the heads though, didn’t want to start a fire at the risk of attracting more, so, there’s a few live heads lying around somewhere. Anyways, that’s about the most interesting thing that has happened. Still no new food or water. It looks like all these houses have been scavenged. Some of them looked, well, sounded like the previous owners had locked up their relatives that had been bitten and ran. I tried to get in and out of those houses as fast as I could, but, eh, sometimes it took a while. Oh! My bad, I didn’t say it and if y’all couldn’t tell, I made it out of the city. There’s not much here. Nothing like what I saw back in Texas earlier when heading to the shore. You know? I might head back over to Texas. Either that, or head north. I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow’s post, but, Imma head off to sleep right now, it’s late and I’m tired from the scavenging. Night.


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