zombie survival log, day 182

Hey, sorry I haven’t recorded for a while, We have ourselves locked in a section of the ship, protected from the infected roaming around. It took me a while to realize it’s missing and when I did, I wasn’t really aloud out of the section for safety reasons. But hey, they finally let me out when I told them I was going to go out and kill some infected. So, I went out and got it. But it’s low on batteries, been turned on and off by survivors that couldn’t make it to safety in time, so you’ll hear them in the beginning of the tapes. Oh yeah, I have to tell you what happened. One of the people outside fighting got scraped while running inside. The infection took over at night, and he got up and killed a few more in their sleep, and they woke up the next day, infected. So here we are, in out little secluded section of the ship, hoping to survive. Record more later, g’night. 


zombie survival log, day 177 (part three)

The engine just fired up and we are off to a very slow, move forward. The planks to get on and off are still down, and a few infected are stumbling reach it. We push-off the planks, and shoot more. Well, I think that’s all for now. We should be safe. I don’t think anyone got cut by the infected. Of course, with the 100 people who were out there, There’s no way of telling till it’s to late. Well, I’m heading back to my spot towards the front of the ship. As you can hear, there are a lot of people talking about it, people telling us that were out “good job”, and just, everything is crazy right now. That’s really all for tonight. I’m tired though, so I’ll be heading off to bed. Good night.

zombie survival log, day 177 (part two)

Alright, well, I’m headed out for the side of the ship, to help fight. We have to go off to protect the people packing. We set up crates and sand bags and are going to hide behind them. I have a sniper, pistol, and a kitchen knife to protect me that the army issued me. Alright, I’m here. Now, we wait. The first shot has just been fired. The second, third. I have to look down my scope, they’re to far away to just shoot no scope. Haha, head shot. I got the third fourth kill. I see the horde, going to shoot whatever I see, in the head. I only have 100 bullets though, and they gave me a one shot sniper… Sorry, again, one shot sniper, gotta make it work. Everyone is shooting now, they all see them. Well, I’ll just leave this on, and continue on, without saying much. Talk to y’all when it’s all done.

We’re retreating, there’s to many, to close. Everyone is getting back on the ship now, and I’m towards the back, still trying to kill some. Sounds like they got their first man.

zombie survival log, day 177 (part one)

Well, I’m sorry, I thought I recorded yesterday. Anyways, what I was going to say was that there is a helicopter that supposedly flies over every Thursday, so tomorrow. They usually fly over head slowly, then drop a message in a bottle. It’s not a very big helicopter, just one of those small two person ones. Anyways, we have two days left till we leave. I’ll tell you more when… Wait, you hear that? Sounds like, sounds like it’s a helicopter. I thought it would come by tomorrow, aw well, I guess they meant today. It’s also flying fast, well, come on, let’s go check it out. There’s the bottle being dropped. They said that they announce them over the intercom, so I’ll wait here with the rest of the group, which, due to the lack of space around our part of the boat, has been brought down to 4, counting me. It’s me, a guy in his late teens, his little 7-year-old sister, and a guy in his early forties. Here comes the message. “As all of you survivors on board know, that helicopter flies over every Thursday. Also, you might know that today is Wednesday. The note read ‘Caution: Horde of about 1,000 infected approaching, take shelter somewhere safe.’ We are getting everything packed right now and asking people with their guns, all soldiers, or anyone that wants to do some fighting, to get off-board, and hold them off while we attack. Thank you for all of you that help, and good luck.” The communication cut off, and everything was dead quiet, everything that is, except the distance noise of hundreds of feet shuffling, and groans of 1,000 infected.

zombie survival log, day 175

Could it be? Is this really true? We found the ship, finally. It’s right there, just as they described it. The USS Lexington. It’s Monday, that means that we made it with around four days left. They leave 12:00AM Saturday. We should be able to hold off till then. Well, I’ll have to put this away for a while, they are checking everyone up front, for cuts, injuries, or electronics. I’ll record again in around an hour. Bye, I’m up.

43 minutes later

Alright, well, we’re on board. They didn’t do much, just checked us quickly for cuts, but for the check, we had to take off our shirt and our pants, they Wanted to make sure that we had absolutely no cuts or stuff like that. They wanted to make sure absolutely no one had the chance of being infected and spreading the virus on board, so they took us to a separate room, and checked us. They issued us a tent up on top of the ship, towards the front. If we survive the next few days, we’ll be fine. And hey, we have the army protecting us, there isn’t much that could happen. I’m just surprised that for a place so big, noisy, and bright, there aren’t very many dead infected out front.

zombie survival log, day 170

OK, well, they told us that it’s not safe to be out there. The same stuff that everyone else would probably tells us. They also asked why we were outside and we told them we were walking along the port/coast looking for a boat or something to go on. They told us that they heard that over at Corpus Christi, there was a navy vessel. The USS Lexington or something like that. They said that people said the army would try to get it running again and that by the end of April, they were going to leave port, if not sooner. They told us that if all that is true and we really wanted to catch it, we better get going. We told them thanks and headed off towards our group which was still pretty large, and then when we reached them, we set off towards Corpus. We are still going along the coast, that’s why you can hear the waves in the background, but it’s very risky. Well, get back to you guys tomorrow.

zombie survival log, day 168

Hey guys, I’m here on the scouting mission. We are roaming the streets keeping track of where we are with a little handy-dandy map we found. There aren’t many stores labeled on it, mostly streets, but it’s helping us find out way around. OH GOD!!!!! THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!? Sorry, an arrow just landed at my feet. Wait, people are coming. They look like some people who know a lot about survival. Camo face paint,light but strong armor, plenty of guns, a melee, a few even have machetes. They’ll, without a doubt, want to know what we’re doing outside. I’ll turn this off for now. record again tomorrow when I find out more.

zombie survival log, day 167

We’re heading over down the port, trying to get closer to the actual coast, hoping for more luck in finding stuff there. Problem is, it’ll take a day or two to get there without the bus, and we are running low on ammunition. We’re going to have to send a search party out and stay in a building since we won’t have anything to protect us. I’ll volunteer again to go out and look. We have to try to find a map to help us find our way around. I’ll record more tomorrow. I’ll try to get some recordings during the scout. Bye.

zombie survival log, day 166

Alright, well, we found a boat. Of course though, being in an apocalyptic world, there wasn’t much fuel left in the boat, and there wasn’t any fuel we could find to use. We’ll continue looking for a boat that doesn’t use fuel. I know they have solar-powered boats, and boats that you can row. There are also boats that you can use coal to power, but those take mounds of coal and are way to big, so we’ll try are best to find something. We’re also most likely going to continue on down the port looking for stuff to find and hope that stuff don’t find us. Well, I’ll try to get back to y’all tomorrow. ‘Night 

zombie survival log, day 165

Well, we reached the coast. We’re in Port Lavaca right now. As we were walking, we came across a bus. It definitely wasn’t my choice of transportation, but it still had some gas, and after some scouting, we found a propane station where we could fill up the tank and off we went. It took us a while to get there, but now we’re here and looking for supplies, food, money, and most importantly, a boat. I’ll record again tomorrow, but most likely the day after. Hope we can find a boat.