zombie survival log, day 121

(Continued from last entry)

We are in the safe house but surrounded by the infected. A lot more came from out of no where. We have to live with the supplies we have now. It’s not much, it won’t last to long, but we’ll have to live with it, that’s all we have. I’ll pull out my warlike talkie when I’m done writing this and call for help. The infected have just gotten in, we need an escape plan, now. Umm, wait, there’s a window. I have to go, record again if we make it out safely.

7 minutes later

Well, we’re running around on the roof tops right now. We managed to get out of a window on to a tree, up the tree, and on to a roof. We’ll stay up here on the roofs for a while, but we should get back in somewhere soon, I see some storm clouds and hear thunder in the distance. I’ll have to go for the day, bye.


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