zombie survival log, day 232

Sorry I wasn’t recording. There wasn’t much to record. The group was never found and we weren’t able to get more people by Friday so we didn’t go out. Out search group did come back though with some supplies and a few more survivors. We also got word from the Pentagon a few minutes ago saying that they were low on supplies and ammo so we are going to send out a few large search parties to look for more supplies we would be able to give to the Pentagon. We are also going to send them troops if we manage to find more by next Wednesday when we send them some supplies. I’ll record again then and maybe on Friday or Saturday when we go out, but for now that’s all. Bye.


zombie survival log, day 226

Alright, we made it back to the White House, emphasis on the we. The other group didn’t make it back. They have sent out a search party trying to locate the missing group, to check if they are alive but trapped somewhere. They left at 12:00PM and we haven’t gotten word from then since. We all expect the worst. We won’t go out again on Saturday if we can’t find the missing group or get more people to join. Man, the sooner we get the cure out here the better. For now though, we gotta focus on the present right now and try to survive. Night.

zombie survival log, day 225

Well, We are heading back right now after another successful watch. We should meet up with our other group in an hour or so. Anyways, we found out that the infected have reached the Pentagon and are coming at it in large groups. They will have to get the anti-virus out soon if they can’t hold them back. Being the Pentagon though, there isn’t much of a problem with the infected trying to get in. We are approaching summer also, Maybe stuff will change with the season, who knows, but we all hope they can get the anti-virus out soon because we can’t keep doing this. We should survive though, we have had some infected come with in 150 meters though of our camping spot, so we have to move. Well, I’ll try and say more tomorrow, but for now, that is all, later.

zombie survival log, day 223

Alright, I finally got my recorder out with me. Right now we are walking to our camping spot. I got the O.K. to go out and record, so, I’ll be recording something each day. I might record while we are out camping, but no promises. Anyways, right now, we have a mile or so to go until we reach out camping spot. We had to split up into two groups though, so we obviously are half our size right now, the other group had to stop a few miles back. That’s probably all for today, later guys.

zombie survival log, day 222

Sorry I was out the last week. Someone needed the batteries in my recorder so I gave them to him. Anyways, we had no more casualties this week and are going out again tomorrow. We got news though that they had the anti-virus, so we aren’t going to have to go out and do many more mission. I’ll Record again tonight, well, I’ll try, but for now, that’s all. Later.

zombie survival log, day 214

Hey. We’re here back at the White House. We lost a few guys while we were out scouting, but it wasn’t out fault, well, not fully. While we were watching, they went behind a building into another building that we couldn’t see and something messed up with our earpieces and we lost connection with them. We weren’t sure what happened until we saw them back up slowly shooting at something behind the building. It wasn’t ’till later that we found out they were shooting at infected that somehow ambushed them. We still have a good 2 to 3 dozen people in the group so it’s alright. Anyways, We are going out again on Saturday, and I’m going to try to post everyday when we are out to get in more information, but I need permission first. That’s all for now, I guess, Night guys.

zombie survival log, day 209

Hey, well, here we are, out at our camping site. I’m not supposed to be talking or whispering so this is going to be short, but right now, we are watching our group going into a building to scout for supplies. We have two people watching every floor with silenced sniper rifles with subsonic bullets to make sure that there are no infected, and if we find them, to kill them without being heard much. Anyways, hold up, I see one, be back soon… Alright, got it. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, we are killing what we see and to try and make it easier for our guys to make a clean and easy search. That’s all the time i have for right now. G’night.

zombie survival log, day 205

Sorry for the time between the posts. I know I was supposed to take my recorder out with me, but I couldn’t find it. Plus, we got back late last night and i passed out when I got to my room, that’s why I didn’t record last night. Any ways. We did good protecting our guys, no one got injured and we managed to kill over 200 of the infected, us and the group we were watching together. Anyways, we are going to go out again on Saturday, get back late on Monday, and do that for the rest of the time. We heard that they are coming up with a cure and a survivor friendly virus that can go out and target specifically the infected, and kill the virus, and the infected themselves. That’s all supposedly happening in the Pentagon, and they said it’ll take a few months or so. That shouldn’t be a problem, if thing s have been going as they have been. Anyways, that’s all for today, maybe. I might record again at night, but no promises. later.