zombie survival log, day 87

Haha, well, we caught up to the helicopter, and it was full of army people. They gave us supplies, and picked up three of the youngest kids and flew them away, promising they’d try to come back. The door to the helicopter shut and we backed up as the blades started to spin. “Wow”, some people were thinking, “we’re going to be saved.” I walked back over to our hideout and walked into one of the leaders rooms. As soon as I walked in, we got a signal over the walkie-talkie. “Hello? We saw a helicopter and it landed somewhere so we went after it. It left before we got there and we are thinking someone else might be out there, please respond.” I looked at the guy in the room, then I went over to pick up the walkie-talkie to respond. “Yeah, we went over to the helicopter and got some supplies, state your location, and we will send out a search party.” After ’bout half a minute , we got a response. “We’re at the Wal-mart.” Alright. I told the guy we’ll send out a search party.Right now looking for the group. I’ll record again when we found them.

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