zombie survival log, day 192

Well, we landed in D.C. earlier today. It being out first time their, no one knew where to go. D.C. being a major tourist site though, it wasn’t very hard to find a map and get around. We arrived at the front gates of the White House at around 5:00 PM yesterday. After a rough, strip search of us, to make sure we had no cuts, clean weapons, and other safety stuff. A lot like it was going on to the ship, but tougher. Anyways, after all that, we got in, the President told us it’s a good thing we’re alive, and of course, who’s going to join the army.  I said I would, along with the other few army people with us. He said that’s great and that they were planning on leaving in a week. We were put in the 36th Marine Division and were going to be the ones Sniping and protecting the 32nd and 38th marine divisions as they go into the cities and try to kill infected. They also gave us pistols in case we had to fight up close. That’s all for today. Good night guys.