zombie survival log, day 184

Alright, well, we decided to try to get out at night and that’s what we did 10 minutes ago to try to get to steering wheel. We got here 2 minutes ago, lost a guy when a few infected came from no where and attacked, that’s why you hear me and a few others catching out breath, because we had to run. We are now left with me, 23 guys, 15 women, and 12 kids, all in a tight, cramped space. We are going to try to find another place to take them to keep them safe and give us a bit more room in here. Why we came here? Well, to steer the ship of course. We are going to try to get back somewhere near land, and we are almost out of fuel to keep us moving. according to the GPS on board, we are somewhere around Panama City so we are going to try to get as close to the coast as we can, take weapons, supplies, and some other stuff, put them in water proof bags, jump over the edge, and try to swim to coast. I’ll record again once we get ready to jump. I’ll leave the recorder on in the bag so y’all can hear what’s happening as we swim. That’s really all. Good night guys.