zombie survival log, day 6

We were driving around for almost five hours before we saw another sign of life, I mean, there was a huge sign that said “All Survivors Here”. What are the odds? Anyways, we pulled up got out our weapons, and knocked. From inside, you could hear the someone loading a gun, then an answer. We told him we were uninfected and were looking for shelter. At that, snipers popped up above us, barrels pointed down at us, and one even popped up from the tree, probably hid a hideout up there. Anyways, after a series of more questions, the snipers disappeared, and we were let in. They opened up a garage so I quickly walked back out, got in the car, and drove it in. Well ,that’s really  all that happened today, nothing else interesting. I’ll record more again tomorrow, maybe, hopefully.


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