zombie survival log, day 5

I’ve been gone for a day, I just got back, I found the rest of my group stuck inside the store, surrounded by infected. I had to distract them so my group could get out. we got to my truck, squeezed in, and sped off. we got back to our shelter only to find out that the barriers were broken down. we got out of the car and approached my house slowly. I got my machete and handed out the two guns I carried around. we stood outside for a while before we walked inside. the stench of dead people filled the air inside. as we walked some more, I heard the shuffling of feet. I walked into the hallway and immediately was attacked by an infected man. I swung the machete and cut off the head, then quickly proceeded to severing the brain. we walked around some more, but were no there more infected. I decided we had to find different shelter, so we gathered whatever we could find, then got out. and right now, we are in the truck, I’m in the passenger seat, and John’s driving. I’ll get back to y’all later, probably when we find shelter, or someone else takes us in.

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