zombie survival log, day 312

Well, we got to the plane and realized that we still had to go out and look for fuel. We completely forgot about that till maybe an hour or so ago. We maybe had enough to fly just maybe nine-tenths of the way there. But we weren’t walking the rest of the way back. The airport we were at had no fuel left, so we were forced to look for other airports in the area. We used a tourist map someone found of New York to look for other airports and we found two more large ones. We just loaded the plane again 15 minutes ago and . We made a quick sweep of the runway and around the outline of the fence to make sure we were good for takeoff. There weren’t any infected around and the runway was clear so we had to make a quick takeoff before anything came. It was ten minutes after they all boarded before they actually started moving. Nothing had wandered on to the runway by then, but it wouldn’t have taken long before something might’ve. Anyways, we took off 5 minutes ago with no problem and there was a sigh of relief that went out from about half of the people. We’re going to circle around New York, the city if I haven’t mentioned it yet, and continue until we could be able to make a good landing at one of the airports. I’ll tell y’all tomorrow about how it ends, but for tonight, that’s all. Good night.


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