zombie survival log, day 314

Well, we managed to land safely at the other New York Airport to refuel. We managed to get back Safely and from he moment that plane stopped, we knew we were safe. As we entered D.C. airspace, we got spotted by the people over at the White House on their radar, and they sent out SUV’s to go and pick us up when we landed. So, when we stopped, we had to quickly get out and unload all of our supplies, then left. It was an easy drive getting back from the airport, nothing attacked us and whatever we saw was far away. Anyways when we got back from the airport, we were checked for any injuries we might have, and the new people we brand back where issued their own rooms. We got treated better that night and this morning. They told us it’s only for the rest of the week as they can’t spend too much on us.  Anyways. Not much else has happened. We’ve gotten a lot of welcome backs, and a thank you but other than that, nothing. So, untill more happens, good night.


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