zombie survival log, day 205

Sorry for the time between the posts. I know I was supposed to take my recorder out with me, but I couldn’t find it. Plus, we got back late last night and i passed out when I got to my room, that’s why I didn’t record last night. Any ways. We did good protecting our guys, no one got injured and we managed to kill over 200 of the infected, us and the group we were watching together. Anyways, we are going to go out again on Saturday, get back late on Monday, and do that for the rest of the time. We heard that they are coming up with a cure and a survivor friendly virus that can go out and target specifically the infected, and kill the virus, and the infected themselves. That’s all supposedly happening in the Pentagon, and they said it’ll take a few months or so. That shouldn’t be a problem, if thing s have been going as they have been. Anyways, that’s all for today, maybe. I might record again at night, but no promises. later.


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