zombie survival log, day 200

Well, it’s my 200th day of survival. so much has happened, but anyways, y’all don’t want to hear about all that. We are going to depart on saturday, well, my group is. They were sending groups out today, and will send them out on separate days, giving the others time to rest. We’ve spent this week training extra hard, double checking our equipment, and getting our armor and supplies. I’m ready to do this, and I’ll take this out with me so y’all can hear some of what’s going on. But for tonight, we finished our training a while ago, getting ready for dinner, and then we are going to sleep, get up, and train some more. So yeah, that’s all. Night guys.


zombie survival log, day 198

Sorry I haven’t written for the past few days, There just hasn’t’ been much happening, other than training, preparation, and giving of equipment to people in the army. We also got a room with a couple from Georgia, the guy looked about 30ish and sounded country. There hasn’t been much other happen than that. We’re still getting group in which is a good thing. But other than that nothing has happened. I’ll record again later, in two days for sure, for my 200th day of survival. Doesn’t feel like it though, felt so much longer. Anyways. Good night guys.

zombie survival log, day 192

Well, we landed in D.C. earlier today. It being out first time their, no one knew where to go. D.C. being a major tourist site though, it wasn’t very hard to find a map and get around. We arrived at the front gates of the White House at around 5:00 PM yesterday. After a rough, strip search of us, to make sure we had no cuts, clean weapons, and other safety stuff. A lot like it was going on to the ship, but tougher. Anyways, after all that, we got in, the President told us it’s a good thing we’re alive, and of course, who’s going to join the army.  I said I would, along with the other few army people with us. He said that’s great and that they were planning on leaving in a week. We were put in the 36th Marine Division and were going to be the ones Sniping and protecting the 32nd and 38th marine divisions as they go into the cities and try to kill infected. They also gave us pistols in case we had to fight up close. That’s all for today. Good night guys.

zombie survival log, day 191

Sorry I didn’t record yesterday. Anyways, we made it to the airport but got rained out so we couldn’t fly, but we have a plane. It’s out of fuel though, so right now, we’re filling it up, and we should be ready in a few minutes. Record more then.

(25 minutes later)

Alright, well, we are all in, seated, with our supplies, and ready to go. problem is that  a large group of the infected heard all the commotion, and wanted to take a closer looks, like, a onto the runway closer look, and we we have to go now to be able to take off with out seriously damaging anything. Alright, we’re moving. it’s all straight forward from here. 30 seconds till we hit. 15. 10. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1… A jolt goes through the plane as we make contact with the first few yards of the infected. We were in the air by then though so it was the landing gear they hit. We can’t check on that right now but we have to hope that it’s fine and safe for us to use for a landing. Well, we cleared them and we’re in the air now, on the way to D.C.. That’s all for tonight. ‘Night guys.

zombie survival log, day 189

Hey, I’m back. Nothing very interesting happened today. We just watched some of the infected pass by. Oh, and one of the guys that was back on the boat with us was going through all his supplies and found a letter from the helicopter guy that was about a month old. Said that we should try to head to the White House. Heard that they’re trying to put an army of people together to go out and fight the infected in groups of ten. They are trying to get at least 500 of those groups ready. They offered housing to those people and their family and friends as long as one goes out a fight. We started discussing how we were going to get there and we found out that one of the girls we still had with us was in the Air Force and could fly the plane. We decided we’d start packing up again tomorrow morning and head off to the Miami International Airport, see if there is a plane there we could use, fill the tank, get as far as we can before we have to refuel, refuel, and get to D.C.. I’ll record again tomorrow. Bye.

zombie survival log, day 188

I’m sorry I forgot to mention what almost got some of us yesterday. It was a Shark, no, three sharks. Anyways, we found some shelter here in a nice, 20 story hotel. We went up to the roof and we set up camp there. That’s where we are right now. We also found a tent so that’s what you hear rustling. Anyways, we have a vantage point over all of the infected now that there is only one way to the roof. Anyways, I’ll try and record again tomorrow. Night.

zombie survival log, day 187

Alright, almost 2:00AM now, we finished packing stuff, and are at the edge of the ship. We aren’t really sure where it’s going to land, or sink, or whatever it does, but that’s not a big problem. Any ways, wait, here’s the countdown, I’ll put you in my bag for now, on. bye.

(36 minutes later)

Oh god we’re alive, but that was way to close. It almost got us, no, it had to have had been at least three they, they almost got me. It got five of our group though. Three men, two women. Then we had a few people drown on the way to shore after that. Crap, that was way to close. We have to find shelter though. It’s to dark out here. The only lights are the street light, the moon light, and our own flash lights. I have to go, I’m sorry, to much going on right now. Bye.

zombie survival log, day 186

Alright, well, its night again and we just moved some people to a safer section of the boat. Tomorrow, we’ll head for the coast, and under the cover of night, jump and swim. We’re around Miami though now, so a lot more zombies. Anyways, that’s our plan, hope it works. G’night.

zombie survival log, day 184

Alright, well, we decided to try to get out at night and that’s what we did 10 minutes ago to try to get to steering wheel. We got here 2 minutes ago, lost a guy when a few infected came from no where and attacked, that’s why you hear me and a few others catching out breath, because we had to run. We are now left with me, 23 guys, 15 women, and 12 kids, all in a tight, cramped space. We are going to try to find another place to take them to keep them safe and give us a bit more room in here. Why we came here? Well, to steer the ship of course. We are going to try to get back somewhere near land, and we are almost out of fuel to keep us moving. according to the GPS on board, we are somewhere around Panama City so we are going to try to get as close to the coast as we can, take weapons, supplies, and some other stuff, put them in water proof bags, jump over the edge, and try to swim to coast. I’ll record again once we get ready to jump. I’ll leave the recorder on in the bag so y’all can hear what’s happening as we swim. That’s really all. Good night guys.

zombie survival log, day 182

Hey, sorry I haven’t recorded for a while, We have ourselves locked in a section of the ship, protected from the infected roaming around. It took me a while to realize it’s missing and when I did, I wasn’t really aloud out of the section for safety reasons. But hey, they finally let me out when I told them I was going to go out and kill some infected. So, I went out and got it. But it’s low on batteries, been turned on and off by survivors that couldn’t make it to safety in time, so you’ll hear them in the beginning of the tapes. Oh yeah, I have to tell you what happened. One of the people outside fighting got scraped while running inside. The infection took over at night, and he got up and killed a few more in their sleep, and they woke up the next day, infected. So here we are, in out little secluded section of the ship, hoping to survive. Record more later, g’night.