zombie survival logs, day 420

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I didn’t manage to get to it. Had other stuff to do. Anyways, I managed to get us, me and my partner, safely to another building a few blocks down. We checked out his ankle and we found out that he twisted it. I went out the day after, by myself, leaving him locked in a room, with his permission. I didn’t find anything in the few hours I was out, but did make it back to find my partner alive. I picked up out supplies, then helped him up, and we walked back over to the White House. Well, I walked. He sort of limped. I was helping him stay up, leaving my arm under his arm giving him some support. Once we got back, we were checked for any cuts, like usual, then they took him over to the doctors to check his foot out. I’m going out again in two days, and I’ll keep my recorder with me while we’re out, but I probably won’t record everyday. So, ’till I record the next time, bye.


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