zombie survival log, day 513

Hello? Hello??? Hey! I think I found a pair that work! … Yeah. The light’s on. Here. Catch! … Hello? ha! Finally! It’s about time. It’s been a while hasn’t it guys or gals or, whoever’s listening to this. Sorry. Had no batteries and the recorder here dies on me without warning. Anyways, now that I’m back on, lemme brief you on what happened and what the situation is at the moment. I’m about h alf way to Texas, well,  I think. I still need to find a good map. Can you believe it? 71 days and I still haven’t found a map. Anyways, I’ve been traveling down the highway, well, highways that’re supposed to take me to Texas. Not sure what state I’m in though. I kept forgetting to check the signs… Umm… I had to change directions a few times, well, not really the direction, just, find a different route due to infected blocking the path or large amounts or cars. Why avoid the cars? Oh, because I didn’t want to have to deal with any of the infected that might be trapped in their cars. Let’s see… Oh! Supplies! I have a few water bottles, 7 or so last I counted, a few food bars, canned foods, and 2 firearms with their ammo. Also met up with this guy over here, John I think his name was. Been a lot of help and good at getting supplies. Was kind of hesitant at first, having had been  alone the whole time,  but I managed to get him to come with me. Feel kinda bad for him. Must’ve been lonely. I’m sure loneliness was the least of his worries though. He doesn’t seem to regret it either (yells behind him), You don’t regret this right? (turns back to recorder) Haha, yeah, he’s fine. Be easier to sleep now, taking shifts, knowing that someone’s keeping us protected. What else. I found this hiking bag here too! Carries a great deal more than my other bag, but, I’m probably never going to fill it up. To much weight to be carrying around. Anyways, back to John. He carries around a crossbow, a bow, and of course, some arrows. It’s quieter, and the arrows can be reusable, and they’d be my weapons of choice too, but, well, I have no idea how to use them. He said he’d teach me, so, I’ll wait ’till then. Should help a lot. What else should y’all know. We met some new people, other survivors. Most were friendly. Took us in, we talked a bit, traded supplies, then we left. A few others were not so friendly though. They either threatened us, tried to kill us, or just went mad. Thankfully we didn’t run into to many of those. Anyways, I think that’s all for today. We’re about to go look for a place to sleep, so, I’ll record again tomorrow hopefully! Later!