zombie survival log, day 442

OK, well, I found a map. By the looks of it, I’m in… Manassas? Never heard of it, but, well, It’s on the map. Anyways, With the map, looks like I should head over to Highway 81? Should take me down to Virginia. Well, that’s all it shows on the map, cut’s off there not to long after it reaches Virginia. I’m going to have to find a larger map, hopefully one with the highways. I’ll use that, assuming I find one, to lead me to where I’m going. Of course though, with technology, more people use GPSs so finding a map is going to be hard. Plus, if I find a map, I’m going to have to make sure it’s up to date. Don’t wanna start following an outdated map. So, might as well start looking for that. So, once again, later.