zombie survival log, day 438

Hey! Alright, so, I managed to get out of the city. Not, like, far far out, just, out. Like, that in between zone… Umm.. Sorry for not recording this morning. Didn’t want to waste any daylight recording. I know it’s only one or two minutes. Maybe three on a long one, but still. Anyways, as for the hotel, I managed to find some canned food, but, that’s it. I still need to find water, only had one one me when I left, and, well, finished that today. So, I need water, ammo, a weapon, and, a silencer. Don’t want to shoot and attract every other infected in the area. Screw myself over like that. I’ll have to stick to the machete I have. I’ve had this since around the start of the infestation, so, gotta find a new one. Have no idea how it could still be intact. I haven’t done any maintenance with it, maybe just sharpening the blade, but, that’s all. Anyways, I should probably look for somewhere to sleep. It’s getting late. Night.