zombie survival log, day 436

Hey! Alright, so, I left a few hours ago. I’ve already seen a few infected, haven’t gotten attacked by any yet, but, still, they’re around. It’s getting dark also, so, I’m probably going to end up camping in the city. Remember that hotel we raided a while back? Yeah, well, that’s where I’m going to be staying. I’m going to go through some of the floors looking for any left over supplies I might be able to use. But, I’ll probably do that tomorrow before I head out. As to sleeping, I’m not sure about that. Being alone, there’s no one to take keep watch which makes safety a lot harder. I’m probably going to just end up locking my self in a restroom or a room. No, a bathroom wouldn’t work, scratch that. It’d trap me. Wow. No where safe to sleep without being trapped. Umm… Wow… Guess I’ll just find out when I get there. Good night.

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