zombie survival log, day 435

Hey! Alright, something to talk about finally. Food, there’s none. None at all left. Alright, a bit extra, reserve food for this that will last us a day or so, but they’re warning everyone that they’ll either have to leave or go out and look for their own food. Me? I choose to leave. They allowed anyone that served and wants to leave to keep a pistol since only 30 or so people choose to leave. I’ll be heading off on my own, I know a few others that are going to team up with others that are leaving, but, ehh, I’d rather go alone. Sure it’s not as safe, but, more supplies for me. Anyways, I’m leaving tomorrow. All I got is the pistol, a hiking bag, and a machete. I’m sure I can make it, at least for the next year or so. As to where I’m going to go, I’m not sure. I’m going to try and get out of the city as fast as I can, looking for other survivors as I go, trying not to get killed by the infected or any groups of survivors that might around, killing others for their supplies.