zombie survival logs, day 421-430

zombie survival log, day 421

Alright, well, thankfully my partner is alright. They released him today, saying he’d already be able to go out next week. I’m not sure how that would work, you know, him having to walk, maybe even run, a lot on what seemed like a messed up foot. I guess we’ll have to wait a week or two until we go out again. They told us we’d be doing something different. Said they’d be getting all the groups together and send them all to one location to hold our position there. I’m not sure how it’ll all work out, but we should be able to make it until we run out of supplies or until the evacuate us. We weren’t told much about it yet, so, I’ll record again tomorrow once we get more information. Bye

zombie survival log, day 422

Alright, so, they gave us the information on what exactly it is that we will be doing. They’ll be flying us to Chicago and all we’re going to do, like I said, is hold our position atop the Renaissance Blackstone Hotel, picking off any undead that might come our way. Us snipers are going to be camping on the three sides of the top floors that we have view of a road from. We’ll have three teams on the ground to, squad one and three will be the ones doing the most work, with two in the center not doing much. They’re going to be equipped with rapid fire weapons, not silenced for some reason. They’ll also have a pistol and knife just in case they run out of ammo on their main guns or the infected get to close so reloading or using the guns would be pointless. They’ll keep giving us information as the day gets closer and I’ll tell you more as I find out more, so, that’s all for now. Later.

zombie survival log, day 423

Alright, well, got more information. They’re going to have us go out Christmas Eve and we’ll stay ‘till Christmas Day. So, then, counting today, we’ll have roughly 6 days before they start sending us out. We’ll more than likely be doing the same jobs we’ve been doing with the same people. Only difference is that they will be merging groups. So, it should be like just another day out fighting, except with more people and from a fixed position. Anyhow, that’s all the information they gave us, so, nothin’ else to talk about. Bye.

zombie survival log, day 424

Hey! More info! I’ll be one of the 150 to 200 men they’ll have up on one of the top floors sniping. The rest of the men will be down at the bottom picking them off from there. They have grenades to throw out at the infected if they get close enough. But only to throw it into a group and not to waste it on a single infected, and just shoot the individual ones in the head and nowhere else. I’ll record again tomorrow when I learn more, well, if I learn more, but for now, think that’s it. Later.

zombie survival log, day 425

Remember the first few days of me trying to survive? That group I was in? The ones that ditched me… Yeah, well, they finally made it to D.C. John, the first one I got in my group, was put into my sniping group. I’m sure it’ll be awkward with him sniping next to us and what not but aw well. He won’t be on the same side of the roof as me, so, it shouldn’t be too bad. The rest of them will be at the bottom with the automatics. Anyhow, that’s about all I can say because it’s all I know. So, ‘till tomorrow, bye.

zombie survival log, day 426

3 days left until we go out. We’re still taking more people in, trying to get as many as we can to go over and help fight. We’re giving them all quick briefs on how to use the weapons they will be using and getting them introduced to their group leaders. That’s really all I had to talk about today. So… Yeah… Bye

zombie survival log, day 428

Well, tomorrow’s the day. Everybody’s in one big rush to get everything done and ready. They’re cleaning their weapons, counting ammo, supplies, and checking how much of everything someone will get. They’re also giving us snacks to take with us since we’ll be out the whole day. But, other than that, they’ll be leaving us on our own. They won’t help in any way that I know of at the moment except with maybe satellite images, but, that’s all. Even if we get trapped, they won’t be helping us. They said it’s harsh, they know, but they’ll just wait until the commotion dies down, then go back in and collect any extra supplies left over. It’s a large risk their taking in my opinion. You know, them sending almost all of their troops out to fight, leaving only a few behind for protection. They’re leaving the sick and somewhat injured ones back at the White House to protect, but, besides them and a few others, that’s all they’ll have. Anyways, it’s getting late. I should probably get some sleep. Good night.

zombie survival log, day 429

(Part one)

Well, today’s the big day. As you might be able to hear, the background is going crazy with people looking for friends of family to say goodbye to. They’ll be using 10 helicopters to transport us with two or three saved for only supplies. They’re sending out snipers last so I’m going to be in the second to last group that leaves. They started sending people out really early this morning so they can get everyone there on time. They didn’t give us any armor though. Plenty of ammo, but no armor. They said that we weren’t being shot at and that they shouldn’t reach us anyways, so, I guess that makes sense, but, ehh. There were the select few that demanded armor or they wouldn’t go so they gave it to them for their own sanity. That’s all for not, I’ll record more once we get there.

zombie survival log, day 429

(Part Two)

Alright, well, we just landed, got our supplies, and the hellies left to go get the last group of people. It’s about noon now and everyone’s moving into position. The last group still isn’t here, obviously, we just got here, but they figured they might as well set up anyways. Better safe than sorry right? Plus, if all goes as planned, the infected will be coming in small groups so it won’t be too much of a problem. The fact that we flew in with hellies and made all that noise and the fact that our weapons aren’t silenced will attract more, but, oh well. Hey, I gotta start setting up, I’ll record once I’m done.

zombie survival log, day 429

(Part Three)

Ok, well we’re set up and ready to go now. So far, not much has happened. There were already a few shots fired at the infected, but, nothing too big. Well, again, according to the plan, there shouldn’t be much exciting happening so there’s no point for me to record. So, ‘till I actually get something to record, bye.

zombie survival log, day 429

(Part four)

Alright, well, it’s night time now and I realized I forgot to tell y’all what will be happening now. They will be splitting us up into two different shifts. Both shifts are four hours, so, being eleven now, we should get up at around sevenish tomorrow. As for the food, there’s not set snack time, so, we could eat now, save our food ‘till the morning, or well, not eat if you ate it all earlier. Whatever, back to the fighting. So far, most of it was going as planned. I can already tell the groups are getting larger, more attracted by the gunfire and sound. We haven’t lost anyone yet, thank God. As for the infected, though the groups are getting larger, they aren’t coming as fast as we would like them to come so, a lot of us just talk to each other over the mikes on whatever channel we choose. Well, I have second shift and we only get four hours of sleep and I don’t wanna miss any of it, so, I’m going to sleep now. G’night!

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part one)

Hey! Merry Christmas! Everyone’s mood is up a bit now that it’s Christmas. I doubt much will be different though. We’re still stuck here killing the infected and it’s going to be the same until we get back to the White House tomorrow. I know I said we’ll be staying out ‘till today. They bumped it up a day for God knows what reason. They sent over a few helicopter with more supplies for us. Not sure why, we still have enough and it’s only one day. Whatever. Can’t complain. Anyhow, they said they’ll pick us up at six in the morning tomorrow, so, I’ll record when that happens. They also looked over the area with one of the satellites they have up and running and told us that there are still large amounts of infected roaming the area. Because of that, they told us they’ll be keeping us updated on how large the groups are getting, their location, and if they’re getting close enough to possibly attack us. It makes look out much easier on my group as snipers since it was our job to look out for any infected that might be roaming the area or getting close since we were higher up. With help from up above, the people down at the bottom will be more prepared for any infected that might be coming. I’ll record again if anything happens, but so far, nothing really is, so, bye.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part two)

Hey, bad news. We were just informed that there was a large group of the infected headed our way. They weren’t clear on the size of the group, but they said that it looked like it was 3 or 4 infected for every one of us. Also, we have some time before the group reaches us, they’re at least ten miles out still and, well, moving really slowly, but we’re all more alert now. We should have figured that of course though. The infected that were coming and being shot were coming in larger groups now. They told us they’d send our 5 section leaders, well, Imma cal them SLs, it’s easier, satellite image of the area in a few minutes, so we’re all awaiting that. I’m not sure if you can hear it, but the mikes are going crazy with people talking. Some are telling others good luck, some giving brief pep talks, and anything else they might not have said to another friend.

-3 minutes later-

Hey, alright, the SLs just got the image and are showing it to people. By the sound everyone that sees it is making, it’s not going to be good. Alright, my turn, hold up…  Alright, well, there are 7 main groups or the infected, all circled in red, 10 groups over all, the others circled in yellow. The 7 main groups are the largest ones, 3 of which are all headed to my left side. 2 of them are going to be coming my way, and the other 2 are coming from behind me, and to my right. The majority of the groups, if I remember and saw correctly, are all going to be headed to my left side so out SL’s are deciding whether to take some troops off my right, and putting them to my left. But that’s them talking on their own separate channel. The main channel is now flooded with people telling others good bye, other saying we’re screwed, and others telling them not to give up hope. Wait, out SL is having us switch to our own channel, the snipers personal channel. I’ll report back once we’re finished discussing whatever it is they want to. Bye

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part three)

Alright, well there wasn’t much to the chat. Basically, he just briefed us on what we were supposed to do, tried raising our spirits with some jokes, and then gave us a little talk about no matter what happens, he was proud fighting with us. He dismissed us after that so anyone who stayed on the channel is now talking about how to shoot, basically, anyone new was still on. The main chat is quiet since the other 3 SL’s got their sections to switch chats, so out section, all the snipers, stayed on, joked about what was happening, probably not taking it as seriously as we should’ve been, but all well.

-Few minutes go by-

Well, everyone’s back on the chat again. There are now people asking questions about their weapons, what they’re supposed to do if the infected get to close, and still, some were joking about it. Wait, the mikes just got silenced.  They’re about to make an announcement. I’ll record once they’re done. Bye.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part four)

Alright, it was more information about the infected. They were closer now, not by much, only about 2 miles, but they were still closing in. The majority of the groups of infected merged, leaving only 5 groups, one for each side, an extra one for my left side. They said a bit more info, wished us luck, and turned the mikes back on. The mike stayed silent for a while after that, still is silent. Oh, someone just fired off a round. Probably was one of the only people paying attention. There goes three more rounds, all sniper shots. Now people are talking again, same stuff as before, nothing new.

-About an hour later-

Hey they silenced the mikes again not too long ago, they’re still talking, but I figured I’ll tell you what they’re saying now instead of waiting for it all to end before saying anything. Alright, so, the group is less than two miles away on my left side, not to long before you’ll start hearing shots go off as the snipers begin to see them. The rest of us still have about 20 minutes before things start picking up. Umm… They’re going to be keeping us updated on the location of the infected, how big the groups are, and where they are, which will make it easier on us, the snipers, since that was our job. There go 3 more shots. Alright, they just wished us good luck again and told us the SL’s will be receiving another picture shortly. And, they just turned the mike back on.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part five)

Sounds like things are about to start picking up on my left. A sniper just fired off a round and informed the rest of the people that the groups were now coming. Not too long before all hell will break lose. Ok, the SL’s just showed us all the image. At this point, it sounded like that majority of people had given up hope. The groups were now merged into what looked like a ring a few streets long surrounding us. Oh, hold up… Sorry, just saw one of the infected, looks like it’s about that time. Sounds like someone just threw their first grenade. Guess they’re closer than I thought they were. A lot of the snipers are getting up and running over to the left side of the roof, to get a feel of what they’re up against, and, sounds like they’re regretting it. Someone from my side just threw a grenade, really good distance actually. It landed in a group of them sending those around the area flying. From down there, I’m sure it looked great. Bodies and pieces of the infected flying, torn apart. Of course though, we had the view of what was really happening. Those not too far from the explosion, those that just got knocked down, got up, and continued walking as if nothing happened. Some of the ones that were torn in half and thrown by the explosion started dragging themselves. Our SL told us just now not to tell the people down at the bottom what happened, but it sounds like we didn’t have to. One of the people just announced that he saw one of the infected start dragging itself at them. Over all, the explosion maybe took out 5 or 6 of the infected, but that’s not enough. The SL’s are going to discuss a plan on their channel. I’ll listen in; tell you if what they decide.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part six)

Ok, so, they decided to get us all to the roof. It didn’t sound like too bad of an idea, except that we’d be trapped, and, there are too many people to fit all onto the roof. We’ll have to leave some of them on lower floors, or, just have a few that want to try and make a dash to another building to kill from the roof there. Basically, the reason behind it all is that there is only one way up to the roof and if we guard that on was up, we should be fine. I don’t mind the idea; it’s not that bad, except I have a sniper. It’s not exactly the type of gun I would choose to pick of the infected one by one in the speed at which they would be coming at us. They announced it just now, surprisingly, already got people that are willing to try and make it to a different building and people that are willing to stay on lower floors. The way it’s going to be set up is: They’re going to have people in the lobby, killing as many of the infected as they can from there. When they can’t kill anymore or they get to close, they will retreat up the star way to the roof. The people on lower floors will, well, just have to hide and hope they aren’t found. The people in other building will be doing the same, except they will have everyone up on the roof, no one on any other floors. It sounds easy enough and I think we might be able to pull it off. I’ll record more when we have it all set up.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part seven)

Ok, everyone’s in position now. The chat is quiet now except for the SL’s giving orders to the people down in the lobby and the people in another building. We managed to get about 60 people to the other building, only losing 1. I didn’t see him, but people said he tripped, plus, I didn’t need to see him, I heard him, we all did. We listened as he started shooting as many of the infected as he could, then, we heard his mike go silent as an explosion rocked the building. Smart man. Knew he was going to die, so he took as many of the infected as he could with him. He was the first loss we had today. Alright, well, sounds like the infected are now in range of the people in our building. I can hear the shots ringing in the mikes and up through the air, well, sounds like they all just turned their mikes off. Aright, well I give it ten minutes before anything happens again worth sharing, so, ‘till then, bye.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part eight)

The people down at the bottom look like they’re being overrun. We have our guys throwing some ‘nades down there, trying to stop as many as we can, but, they don’t seem to be doing much. From up here, we can see it all clearly. We’re reporting back to them what’s happening. Telling them what we know they don’t want to hear. The ‘nades, like I said, aren’t doing anything. They’re just cutting the infected in half, taking off a limb or so, but, each one we throw only kills a few. From up here though, we’re picking off all the ones down there; either sniping them or using one of our automatics to take out as many as we can. Our guys still might not be able to make it out of there alive. I heard we might just have them retreat up the stairs of their building so they can make a last stand on the roof from the building they’re in. Or course though, they’d still be trapped. All that’d do is delay their death. There might be something about that that I do not understand though, so, there might be a reason behind it all. Anyhow, that’s ‘bout all there is to say for now. I’m running low on batteries now though, so, I’ll have to stop recording until it all ends.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part nine)

It’s all done and finished. In a turn of events, our men down at the bottom lived. After retreating to the roof, they managed to pick of the zombies as they tried to get out of the door unto the roof. Eventually, they managed to block off the access to the roof with the pile of dead bodies then and still blocking the door. As for us, we didn’t have too much of a problem besides ammo. We still have left over, but at one point in time, it seemed as if we’d run out by the end. As for the few infected arriving late and the dead infected carpeting the streets, we’re leaving those alone. We weren’t told what to do with them and are now just waiting evacuation.

zombie survival log, day 430

(Part ten)

Alright, we’re back at the white house now. They told us we have about two weeks rest before they send us out to go out and do another mission. Great huh? Come back from what could’ve been out last mission, put out lives right there on the line, and now they’re sending us right back out. Not only that, but, they told us that this mission was going to be harder. We’ll be learning more the three days leading up to being sent out, but, until then, what I said is all I know. I’ll record once again the day they give us information, assuming I manage to find new batteries by that point. So, ‘till then, bye.