zombie survival logs, day 416 (Part one)

Hey, sorry, can’t talk loud right now. We’re trapped on the second floor. We were heading out earlier today and the building got mobbed by the infected. Why they choose this building this building, I’m not sure, but they’re everywhere now. We’re hiding behind a desk we quickly dashed behind after moving around earlier. We’ve had to hide in multiple places, starting on the 5th floor, and making our way down each time. We are thinking about just breaking the window and jumping from here, but this is safety glass and isn’t meant to be broken. We’re probably going to have to shoot it and jump right away since the infected will be drawn to the sound. We can’t run down to the first floor…

-32 minutes later-
Hey, sorry, there were infected that managed to make their way into the section we were in so obviously, I couldn’t talk. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the first floor is probably packed with the infected that didn’t manage to climb the stairs. We aren’t sure, but we’re having to assume that and hey, better safe than sorry. I’ll record again once we figure out a plan. Bye.

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