zombie survival logs, day 415

Hey! Alright, so, here we are. We just now finished setting up for the night. We’re camping in some business building. I didn’t get the name on the way in, all I need to know was that this place was safe, and, well, it is. Anyways, we didn’t do much today. We pent most of the day looking for supplies that we weren’t able to find so we don’t have much to last us the night. A few waters we found lying out on the street someone must have dropped while moving around town and some gummy bears. We found them in a Walmart under one of the shelves. We’re both surprised that no one else claimed them yet, or found them since almost all of the stores food products are gone. There are a few other items gone also, mostly electronics, movies, and of course, the money, but that’s really all. So anyways, that’s all. It was about 100 gummy bears, we’re splitting them up, 50 each, and saving them for later nights. Umm, we’re about 10 stories up in the building we’re in, again, not sure which one it is, but we’re in it. We didn’t do a complete run down of the building either since it was already late at night and we really didn’t want to. We did block off the entrance to the office we’re staying in though and we’re taking shifts to guard and make sure none of the infected get in. I got first shift, so I’ll be up until four in the morning, then my partner is up the rest of the time. I’ll record if anything happens, or if I get bored. I’ll probably spend mos of my time just watching out the window, watching the night pass by. I wonder if I’ll see any survivors moving around using the night for cover, not sure. That’d be nice though. So anyways, before I go on about pointless things, good night.


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