zombie survival logs, day 411

Hey! Sorry I didn’t manage to record the day I went out. I couldn’t find my recorder so I obviously I couldn’t record. It was a good scouting run though. We got a few supplies, enough for about ten people, but we didn’t lose anyone, and we only ran into maybe 7 of the infected still roaming around. We stayed out two days, came back yesterday. It was my partners first time though, so he was kinda scared, not sure what to expect. I told him he’d be fine, that it wouldn’t be that bad. He was surprised at how easy it was, luckily for him though, again, we didn’t run into that many infected. It’ll get harder on him. I’m not going to tell him that, hate to make the poor guy more scared than he probably already is. I’ll let him find out on his own. We go out again on Monday, staying out ’till Wednesday. I’ll make sure I bring the recorder with me that day. So ’till the next time I record, later.


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