zombie survival log, day 408

Sorry, the batteries died again. They die to fast now, I probably need to get a new recorder soon, but I have other stuff to do so that will take a while. Umm, lets see. What to talk about. Oh! You know how we’ve been going out in groups, well, me and my group managed to gather a total of 23 pounds of supplies since the last time I recorded. It’s not much for all the people living here, but it’s still enough to make as proud of our selves. Umm, the infected finally managed to get past the front gates, they came in a rather large group, and got half way up the North Lawn before we managed to kill them all. We got repair crews out there fixing it, they’re still out there, trying to improve it, and they set more people up at guarding all sides of the White House. We’re also having a lot of deaths here. The elderly are all dying off so we’re  having to get rid of the bodies. They’ve been dying for a while, I just never really cared much but I figured I might as well talk about it. The family has an option of having the body burned with the ashes given back to them, or having them taken out and their dead bodies shot in the head, left there to rot. Umm, I’m going out tomorrow, they changed the schedule so I have no set day of the week. I basically go out when they call me. I’ll bring my recorder with me tomorrow so y’all will be able to hear what we usually do. It’s a lot of quiet though. I won’t record the quiet, I’ll probably just record when we move and stuff like that. So ’till tomorrow, bye.


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