zombie survival logs, day 420

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I didn’t manage to get to it. Had other stuff to do. Anyways, I managed to get us, me and my partner, safely to another building a few blocks down. We checked out his ankle and we found out that he twisted it. I went out the day after, by myself, leaving him locked in a room, with his permission. I didn’t find anything in the few hours I was out, but did make it back to find my partner alive. I picked up out supplies, then helped him up, and we walked back over to the White House. Well, I walked. He sort of limped. I was helping him stay up, leaving my arm under his arm giving him some support. Once we got back, we were checked for any cuts, like usual, then they took him over to the doctors to check his foot out. I’m going out again in two days, and I’ll keep my recorder with me while we’re out, but I probably won’t record everyday. So, ’till I record the next time, bye.

zombie survival logs, day 416 (Part two)

Alright, so, we finally decided. My partner will go across the office and shoot at the window from there. We’ll leave out supplies there at the window though so we can quickly push them out before we jump. We’ll have to do it quick though. We’ll be seen for sure if any infected look over or hear us… Alright, here we go. I’m going to stay under this desk here just to protect me from the falling glass. Alright. Here we go.

-Silence for about a minute-
Alright, here we go. He just shot and is running back right now. Hold up. I’ll leave the recorder in my pocket when we jump. It’ll be on so y’all can hear… Alright. lemme quickly push everything out. Alright, here we go. Three. Two. One. Jump!
Crap, my partner screwed up his ankle. I’ll have to carry him to another shelter. (Talks in background with partner). Alright, here we go. I’ll get him on my back. I’ll also probably have to shut this off now. I’ll try and record later, but I doubt I’ll be able to. So until next time, bye.

zombie survival logs, day 416 (Part one)

Hey, sorry, can’t talk loud right now. We’re trapped on the second floor. We were heading out earlier today and the building got mobbed by the infected. Why they choose this building this building, I’m not sure, but they’re everywhere now. We’re hiding behind a desk we quickly dashed behind after moving around earlier. We’ve had to hide in multiple places, starting on the 5th floor, and making our way down each time. We are thinking about just breaking the window and jumping from here, but this is safety glass and isn’t meant to be broken. We’re probably going to have to shoot it and jump right away since the infected will be drawn to the sound. We can’t run down to the first floor…

-32 minutes later-
Hey, sorry, there were infected that managed to make their way into the section we were in so obviously, I couldn’t talk. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the first floor is probably packed with the infected that didn’t manage to climb the stairs. We aren’t sure, but we’re having to assume that and hey, better safe than sorry. I’ll record again once we figure out a plan. Bye.

zombie survival logs, day 415

Hey! Alright, so, here we are. We just now finished setting up for the night. We’re camping in some business building. I didn’t get the name on the way in, all I need to know was that this place was safe, and, well, it is. Anyways, we didn’t do much today. We pent most of the day looking for supplies that we weren’t able to find so we don’t have much to last us the night. A few waters we found lying out on the street someone must have dropped while moving around town and some gummy bears. We found them in a Walmart under one of the shelves. We’re both surprised that no one else claimed them yet, or found them since almost all of the stores food products are gone. There are a few other items gone also, mostly electronics, movies, and of course, the money, but that’s really all. So anyways, that’s all. It was about 100 gummy bears, we’re splitting them up, 50 each, and saving them for later nights. Umm, we’re about 10 stories up in the building we’re in, again, not sure which one it is, but we’re in it. We didn’t do a complete run down of the building either since it was already late at night and we really didn’t want to. We did block off the entrance to the office we’re staying in though and we’re taking shifts to guard and make sure none of the infected get in. I got first shift, so I’ll be up until four in the morning, then my partner is up the rest of the time. I’ll record if anything happens, or if I get bored. I’ll probably spend mos of my time just watching out the window, watching the night pass by. I wonder if I’ll see any survivors moving around using the night for cover, not sure. That’d be nice though. So anyways, before I go on about pointless things, good night.

zombie survival logs, day 411

Hey! Sorry I didn’t manage to record the day I went out. I couldn’t find my recorder so I obviously I couldn’t record. It was a good scouting run though. We got a few supplies, enough for about ten people, but we didn’t lose anyone, and we only ran into maybe 7 of the infected still roaming around. We stayed out two days, came back yesterday. It was my partners first time though, so he was kinda scared, not sure what to expect. I told him he’d be fine, that it wouldn’t be that bad. He was surprised at how easy it was, luckily for him though, again, we didn’t run into that many infected. It’ll get harder on him. I’m not going to tell him that, hate to make the poor guy more scared than he probably already is. I’ll let him find out on his own. We go out again on Monday, staying out ’till Wednesday. I’ll make sure I bring the recorder with me that day. So ’till the next time I record, later.

zombie survival log, day 408

Sorry, the batteries died again. They die to fast now, I probably need to get a new recorder soon, but I have other stuff to do so that will take a while. Umm, lets see. What to talk about. Oh! You know how we’ve been going out in groups, well, me and my group managed to gather a total of 23 pounds of supplies since the last time I recorded. It’s not much for all the people living here, but it’s still enough to make as proud of our selves. Umm, the infected finally managed to get past the front gates, they came in a rather large group, and got half way up the North Lawn before we managed to kill them all. We got repair crews out there fixing it, they’re still out there, trying to improve it, and they set more people up at guarding all sides of the White House. We’re also having a lot of deaths here. The elderly are all dying off so we’re  having to get rid of the bodies. They’ve been dying for a while, I just never really cared much but I figured I might as well talk about it. The family has an option of having the body burned with the ashes given back to them, or having them taken out and their dead bodies shot in the head, left there to rot. Umm, I’m going out tomorrow, they changed the schedule so I have no set day of the week. I basically go out when they call me. I’ll bring my recorder with me tomorrow so y’all will be able to hear what we usually do. It’s a lot of quiet though. I won’t record the quiet, I’ll probably just record when we move and stuff like that. So ’till tomorrow, bye.