zombie survival log, day 392

Haha, wow, it’s been ’bout a month since I last wrote. I never got to it. Always had other stuff to do so I’m sorry about that. Umm, the attacks on the White House by the infected are getting more common, and each time the size of the horde get’s larger. We’re sending more people out in search parties and more often. We’re already starting to run out of food, even the food that we managed to get from the hotel. They’re turning down anyone new that shows up, and yes, we still have new people showing up, telling them we’re out of rooms and there isn’t enough food. We also have more people going out to hunt down and kill the infected. They have me killing, and scavenging. I find it fun. It beats sitting with a gun in the same spot. And when I say killing, I don’t mean from a distance with our snipers, they took all snipers away and changed them to what I do now, hunt from the ground. They gave us a pistol, a knife, and a single grenade for that moment when you wanna go out with a boom. We only spend one day out there, and by we, I mean the group of five to ten they have going out at a time. We leave at 11:00 AM and get back at around 8:00 PM. We have ten groups out there right now. My group of seven is scheduled to go out ’till Monday. This is our second time going out. We haven’t lost anyone and managed to kill over fifty infected already and managed to gather a few pounds of supplies, mostly canned food. That’s it for today I’ll try and record again tomorrow, bye.


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