zombie survival log, day 365

One year. It’s officially been one year since I started surviving. It was noon that day, I was watching the news, and taking inventory of my supplies. I found some friends, got some supplies, and left the house. We wandered around, looked for others, found a shelter. I got knocked out and left behind with some Big Red, searched on my own, then found others. Almost got hit by dead bodies, found more people, camped in a building, left the building, camped in a house, found more people, killed an innocent person, left the house due to a fire, ran across roofs, found batteries, made it to a port, traveled down the coast of Texas, fought of a horde of the infected, left to Florida, got trapped on board after an someone caught the disease and start infecting others, jumped over board and swam to land, got to an airport, left to DC, got to DC, joined the army, camped, killed, camped some more, killed some more, went to the once great City of New York, Killed a lot more, made it back, took over a hotel, got the night shift, switched to a weekly going out thing, and now, survived a year. A lot has happened, I’m just glad I survived my first year, and hope I survive many more. Bye.


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