zombie survival log, day 355

Alright, well, they finally got back to me about me going out again. I asked if I could so I can find supplies and stop the threat before it reaches the White House gates and they let me! I go out tomorrow night, I’ll finally have something to tell y’all again since I’ve kept quiet for a while. So, I’ll try to keep my recorder with me while I go out. They changed it up though. Now we go out in pairs. Me and nine others are going out tomorrow. We leave at the same time, but go in different directions. Everyone is equipped with a FNH FNP pistol, fifty forty caliber bullets, a six-inch hunting knife, and 1 grenade. Our goal is basically to go out and find a few supplies, kill as many zombies as we can, and survive. They told us when all else  fails and we run out of ammo, take the grenade, and go out with a bang. We find out our partners tomorrow one hour before we go out and we get that one hour to prepare all of out supplies. Since it’s only two people going out together, they cut the time that we stay out short. We’ll be leaving tomorrow like I said, but will be coming back on Saturday. I’ll write back tomorrow while we’re walking after we gent sent out to check in with y’all and just give you a quick run down of our plan. So, ’till tomorrow, bye.


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