zombie survival log, day 341

Alright, well, the president ordered a few more people, including me, to guard the front entrance at night. We’ll be taking shifts so we can still sleep, but the shifts are 3 hours each. Since I’m now guarding the front, I’m not going to be going out with the marines anymore to look for supplies. They now only go out every other week instead of once a week because of the find and because they really don’t need to. Well, actually, it’s more like they’re getting a break. We have enough people by now to be able to switch out teams every week so one team doesn’t get too much work. Also, I talked to the group I got here with. Some of them are on teams, cooking, cleaning, or other stuff. Some have nothing to do during the day and just sit around talking to other people. Others are just going around, helping where they can. I’ll message back later with more stuff to tell you, someone’s calling me, bye.


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