zombie survival log, day 339

Well, not much has been happening, that’s why I haven’t posted in a maybe two weeks. They’re still trying to find a working cure at the Pentagon, everything they have came up with so far didn’t do much good. We cleared out the building that we managed to take control of moving all of the supplies, well, the important supplies at least, over to storage here at the White House. We’re still going out and looking for supplies, though not as often now since we managed to get all of those supplies. Let’s see, what else happened? Umm, oh, that’s right, the groups of he infected are getting larger and larger and now some are starting to try and get to the White House and the Pentagon. There haven’t been many successful groups that have actually gotten up to the door, but those that have got through at night so we’re getting more people to keep the night shift. Other than that though, nothing has happened, so until more happens, bye.


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