zombie survival log, day 325

Well, Today was the anniversary of 9/11. This being a world now infected with the infected, there wasn’t a big celebration or anything. We just had a moment of silence and had the names of victims read to us while we continued doing our daily stuff. The fact that today was 9/11 though, didn’t change the fact that we had to go outside, and apparently, others around town didn’t care either. We saw large groups of people roaming the city looking for supplies, but surprisingly, none of them wanted to go over to the White House. We let them be though, not wanting to force anyone to do stuff. After an hour of looking for supplies (We were out on the move today, there were no snipers), there was a group of 20 or so people who ambushed us. They outnumbered us, we only had about 15 people, but our weapons were better. We took them out fairly fast, only losing about 4 men. They had 2 left over that we managed to catch. We forced them into leading us to were they were camping out. Told them we’d let the free if they took us, so, they did. They took us to one of the Hotels in the area. The entrance was littered with the remains of dead corpses and shattered pieces of glass. As soon as we got inside, 5 men popped up, armed with AK-47s they probably got illegal, and aimed them at us. We pointed our guns at them, and stared each other down. The guys that were leading us to the place told them not to fire, and they set their guns down. One got out a walkie-talkie, mumbled some words into it, then placed it back into his pocket. After that, they started leading us towards the stairwell, then, all the way up the stairs to the top few floors. They had the suits in the hotel, and they were some nice rooms to. They lived on the top floor, and kept all their supplies in separate rooms on the rest of the top few floors. We obviously weren’t the first people they tried to jump, ads they had at least 4 hotel rooms filled with supplies like food, batteries, weapons, ammo, and other stuff needed for easy survival. We told them we would keep everything here, and that they had 10 minutes to completely evacuate the building before we killed them. He nodded his head, pulled out his walkie-talkie and ran down the stairs yelling commands into it. After that, about 3 people came out from each room and ran down the stairs. Once they evacuated, we celebrated a bit, then looked around the supplies we just looted. After about an hour of looking, we walked down the stairs, and left the building, leaving 5 of our men in the building guarding the entrance. We handed them grenades so if there is a large group they have to take out, they can just use them. We headed out the hotel, and left towards the White House, and within 2 hours, got cars back to the place to load supplies. We still have four rooms to clear out, but we’re saving those for tomorrow, as we don’t think it’ll be very safe at night. We still have people camping in the hotel,except we added 10 more, so we now have 15 there. I’ll try to report back tomorrow if anything happens, so for now, good night.


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