zombie survival log, day 287

Alright, well, they started telling us stuff today, a day early, but no ones complaining. We are going to go out in 4 days. They’re sending us not very far actually, to New York, New York. Problem is, with its large population, we’re probably going to be greeted by some infected as soon as we leave the airport, if not earlier. They are going to pack the back half of our planes with a few supplies, not that many though, since they are still going to need some supplies back at the White House and it’s not a very long flight. As for getting back, as I said a few weeks ago, it’s up to us to get back, find our own supplies, survive, find shelter, and anything else we need to do. We are going to have almost no way to communicate with the people back at the White House unless we manage to find a phone or something since the Military is still running their satellites and a few others looking at the world from above and allowing some phone coverage. We can call back and tell them how the mission is going, but other than that, they don’t want us calling back. I think that’s all they told us, I’ll write back later on this week if anything else happens, so for now, bye.


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