zombie survival log, day 280

12 days left ’till we leave. Seems a long way away even though it’s less than two weeks. Anyways. We’re here setting up camp getting ready to do a quick sweep of the building. It is a different building as we try to choose different buildings each time to find more supplies and get used to staying in different places. There wasn’t much that happened today. We’ve had better hunts, not that we lost anyone, we just didn’t find very much, so,  I don’t consider it very good. We’re in a good mood though, everyone’s talking about the flight, what they think is going to happen, what they heard about it, rumors like where it’s going to be and how much supplies we’re going to be given. Stuff like that. Everyone is really anxious to find out about it so we’re all waiting for next monday, when they will first start briefing us on what’s going to happen. Anyways, We’re about to leave to do the sweep, so I have to go, later.


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