zombie survival log, day 277

Well, the White House is out of lock-down mode so people are free to roam around again. Umm, there hasn’t been much to do this week. The height of this week was so far getting back to the White House, everything else has just been like, blah. Anyways, we have just over two weeks ’till we go out and fly away. I’m waiting for that day, it’s going to be hard though. We can either do very good and find out way back, or we can fail horribly and run out of fuel or get stuck or not make it back, or get attacked, ect… There are much more stuff that can go wrong, but they don’t want us thinking about that. They’ll give us more info about the trip after next week, so I’ll be able to get back to y’all about that with more info, but until then, that’s all I know. Anyways, on Saturday, instead of doing our normal little thing where we go out on our own, for training, they are going to fly our teams out somewhere in a helicopter and drop us off then it’s going to be our job to survive with the supplies we have, to gather supplies, and we have to try to make it back to the White House within a week.  So, that’s all I can say for now, cause that’s all I know, so, later everyone.


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