zombie survival log, day 275

Alright, well, we’ll be leaving in just a few weeks to go out-of-state. They’ll give us more info within the week that we leave, but ’till then, we have no idea of how it’s going to be. I know I said it before, but again, we are going there on two Boeing’s, where ever there is, once we get there, it’s up to us to get back and survive. That’s all I know, well, remember at least, so for now, that’s all I can tell you. Anyways, right now, we’re heading back from camping and should get back in a few hours since we aren’t going to set up camp, we try not to on Sundays since we’re usually close to camp. unless there’s bad weather. Anyways, we had a successful overview protection thingy by killing about 25 infected. We also didn’t lose anyone, found a few thousand dollars, and 3 more survivors that were on their own. So, yet again, we had a great hunt. That’s all for now, later.


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