zombie survival log, day 268

Alright, sorry I forgot to record yesterday. Anyways, today, we already conducted the sweep of the building we are in, and are going to head out back to the White House later on today. So far, in this building, we found a few of the infected still roaming around on the upper floors, some papers, batteries, spoiled food, canned food and drinks in a small fridge, and a pocket knife on a dead man who still hasn’t been taken over by the virus. We also found some money in his wallet and wallets of some of the infected we killed, totaling in about $376 that we found. We were really surprised by the amount, as the majority of people keep most of their money on credit cards and only carry around a few dozen dollars. Of corse though, we have no clue on what to do with any of the money we found besides to just keep it and split it amongst our selves because we get most everything we need free back in the White House. Another thing…
Sorry, there was something outside, I had to stay quiet while someone went to check it out. It was a survivor, not sure why he wasn’t at the White house. He claims that he has been surviving in a basement with his family, but once they ran out of supplies he had to go out and get some more, but when he came back, the basement door was wide open and there were just a few blood stains around the basement and the house. He left a few days ago, being out of the city without a source of transportation, looking for the White house to get protection and to find other people, hearing the announcement on the radio that they were taking in some survivors. He came into our building hearing voices, and that’s how he found us. We gave him some food and water, and right now some of our guys are talking to him, asking him how it was, if he got any cuts, that they’re sorry for his loss, and asking a few other questions. You might be able to hear them in the background on this, but I have no clue, I don’t know how much this picks up, but they’re there. Anyways, I’m going to head to bed and let them talk some more, I could use the sleep. So, for now, that’s all. Night.


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