zombie survival log, day 266

Alright, well, we are camping right now, getting ready to pack up and set up camp right now in one of the buildings. The Marines did a quick sweep of the building to make sure it was safe, so we are going to go to one of the top floors and stay there over night like we usually do. After we set up, we’ll do a more thorough search of the building and see what supplies we can find. ‘Till then though, we have about five minutes ’till we actually start packing up. Today though, we went and killed next to none of the infected, but the one that we did kill, was pretty close to us. It actually came up from behind us so the person next to me pulled out his pistol and shot it in the head. There haven’t been that many infected lately though, we might scared them all away, but I doubt the infected get scared. We might be getting close to killing them all, but then again, here in D.C. we are probably far from killing them all. Umm, That all for today, Nothing to interesting should happen later on. I’ll comment on what ever we found on my next recording, but for today, I’m done. ‘Night guys.


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