zombie survival log, day 263

Alright, well, I was just informed that I would be going out again this Saturday due to the lack of people who are in my group still. I’m really not sure what happened to the rest of the people, but we are down to just four total, not including me. We’re going to be protecting the Marines as a group of just ten of them go out to hunt for supplies, survivors, and anything else we could use as help. Also, on August first, They are going to send us, us being a few hundred of their soldiers out-of-state using some Boeing 747-8s that are at the airport. They’re going to use fuel that the White House has on reserve to send us there, but after that, it’s up to us to find fuel and get back. We are going to use, as far as I know, two Boeing’s to send us there and we’re going to fill 1/4th of them with supplies since we are staying there for a week or so.  That’s all I know about it for now, they haven’t really given us a goal or anything specific to do while we’re there, so that’s all I can tell you. Oh, and one more thing, tomorrow is the 4th of July. They had a celebration thing planned out, but the White house is on lock-down untill Saturday when we go out. So, we’ll be spending out time in our rooms doing nothing. They might have an announcement though, but not much more than that. That’s all I know about anything that happened today, or that is going to happen, so ’till later, later.


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