zombie survival log, day 256

Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news, a few hours ago, the Pentagon caught one of the infected and tested the cure on it. So far, there has been no effect on the infected and all the so-called “cure” did was piss it off a bit more. The  good news though, after a bit more study on the virus, scientists are researching a new cure that should, not cure anyone anymore, but kill the virus and the host, but that is only a last resort. They are going to be researching another cure and will soon meet with scientist from around the now fully infected world, and start looking for a cure that will target the virus, just the virus. They found out that the virus needs to have a host or else it will die within a few weeks. Also, more bad news, just came on the radio, someone started coughing up blood, fell on the floor, and started having a spasm. He was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment, but is currently being moved to a lab to study the problem. It is currently believed that he somehow caught the virus so everyone is being ordered to go to there rooms and stay there untill further instruction. In fact, there should be an announcement all over the White House in a few minutes that will repeat the warning. That’s all I think, so, later I guess.


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