zombie survival log, day 252

Hey, sorry I haven’t been recording, I’ve been out for a while. Well, at least that’s what everyone has said. To me, it felt like a night or so, but supposedly, it’s been 18 days. We went out on a quick mission, umm, I was setting up and, uhh, I blacked out. I’m not really sure what happened. But I’m not allowed out on a mission for another month. For now, all I can do is stay in bed for the rest of the week, watching whatever is still on air, playing games, reading, nothing much. But after that, till the end of the month, I’m allowed to explore the White House and rest. But, still, it’s no fun doing nothing. I’m waiting to go out again, but till then, I’ll be here. I’ll record if anything interesting happens, but you know, when you are sitting around doing nothing, not much happens, so for now, later.


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