zombie survival log, day 189

Hey, I’m back. Nothing very interesting happened today. We just watched some of the infected pass by. Oh, and one of the guys that was back on the boat with us was going through all his supplies and found a letter from the helicopter guy that was about a month old. Said that we should try to head to the White House. Heard that they’re trying to put an army of people together to go out and fight the infected in groups of ten. They are trying to get at least 500 of those groups ready. They offered housing to those people and their family and friends as long as one goes out a fight. We started discussing how we were going to get there and we found out that one of the girls we still had with us was in the Air Force and could fly the plane. We decided we’d start packing up again tomorrow morning and head off to the Miami International Airport, see if there is a plane there we could use, fill the tank, get as far as we can before we have to refuel, refuel, and get to D.C.. I’ll record again tomorrow. Bye.

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