zombie survival log, day 187

Alright, almost 2:00AM now, we finished packing stuff, and are at the edge of the ship. We aren’t really sure where it’s going to land, or sink, or whatever it does, but that’s not a big problem. Any ways, wait, here’s the countdown, I’ll put you in my bag for now, on. bye.

(36 minutes later)

Oh god we’re alive, but that was way to close. It almost got us, no, it had to have had been at least three they, they almost got me. It got five of our group though. Three men, two women. Then we had a few people drown on the way to shore after that. Crap, that was way to close. We have to find shelter though. It’s to dark out here. The only lights are the street light, the moon light, and our own flash lights. I have to go, I’m sorry, to much going on right now. Bye.


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