zombie survival log, day 82

Well, we sent more search parties out, more scouts, found more people, supplies, and a name. San Antonio. I know that place, learned about it a few times in middle school. Something about some fight between them and the Mexicans.  It’s also a huge city with a lot of people. And that’s all I remember. Well, we are gathering volunteers to go out in another search party, the last one we sent out never came back. Guess I’ll volunteer. I haven’t gone on one in a while. Anyways, remember how I said stuff were going to get better, ha, well they did. Two search parties ago, they came back with a military grade walkie-talkie, a radio, a lot of ammo, food and so much other stuff. They aid it was all at that school. They also said that there is a lot more that they couldn’t carry, that’s where the last party went, the one that never came back, I guess that was the end of our luck. Anyways, gotta go now. Might not record tomorrow, I might be gone by then, should be back on Monday, if everything goes as planned, and I was keeping track of the days correctly.

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