zombie survival log, day 76

Sorry I got back late. The scouts got trapped when some infected walked by and stood there doing nothing and the scouts didn’t want to fire off any guns because that would attract more, but then a scout unstrapped his cross-bow and shot at a tree, hitting a branch which got the attention of the infected. So, they came back with 1 penny (they found it heads up, means luck), a bag full of different kinds of fruit that were surviving off the rain and weather, and a kids toy from McDonald’s. They also said that they couldn’t find a sign that had the city name, just some routes, and they found a school, they couldn’t remember the name clearly but they said it was O something. It looked like it was used for agriculture or something, but they couldn’t make it out very good, they didn’t go check it out, they thought it’d be too risky. Wow, well, not sure where we are any more, but I think that stuff might just change, a little, for the better. Oh yeah, and merry late Christmas.


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