zombie survival log, day 74

Well, we finally found shelter. Wasn’t very easy, we’re by now out-of-town somewhere. It doesn’t mater though. Problem is, that it’s one story. We’ll have to think of what to do and how we are going to guard everything. We are going to send scouts out to look for bigger houses with more than one floor, but for now, we’ll have to stay here. They are also going to look for food, possible supplies, and a name to the city we are in. Until then though, we’ll have to set up our defences, and make use of what we have. Oh yeah, and my watch (which still works) says it’s the 24th today, to anyone who finds this later on, it’s Christmas eve, without all the joy and stuff. Well, I’ll record more tomorrow when our scouts get back, they are going out tonight.


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